The Art of Giving!

Not only can praise brighten up someone's day in this sometimes thankless world, but you can also boost your own feel-good levels by dishing it out. It's a win-win situation and when you least expect it, even better!


416 Community Support for Women’s Case Management Worker’s are the ones behind the scenes, sometimes working many hours in a quiet unassuming way.  Everyone at 416 knows how hard they work and how dedicated they are to our membership.


Recently, 416’s Alex, Clinical Supervisor received these heartfelt thanks from Alena Marshal, MSW, RSW at CAMH Women’s Inpatient Unit and thought we’d like to share:


“Dear Alex, I don’t believe we have had a chance to meet, but I am the Social Worker on the Women’s Inpatient Unit here at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.  I really just wanted to take this opportunity, as it has been something I was meaning to do for a while, to thank you and your amazing team of case managers for being so incredible and caring towards the women I send over.  The partnership between our unit and the 416 team has been immeasurably helpful and reliable, preventing countless women I am sure from ‘falling through the cracks.’


Your team, Elena, Marcie and Rosaline has been nothing short of amazing to work with.  They are so quick to follow up with people and whenever clients come back as outpatients to the unit they rave about how 416 has in many ways saved their lives (which warms my heart to know they are in good hands outside of the hospital).  As I am sure you have come to know, you have some remarkable women on your team!  Their consistency and positive attitudes towards clients are nothing short of inspiring.  It is women like these who are the true unsung heroes of the community of providers dedicated to helping underserved women.  We look forward to continuing our partnership!”


416 beams with pride by knowing not only how much we appreciate having wonderful employees, but also how much others do too.  We have lost some of these remarkable women and added two more remarkable women, Sara and Effie who have joined our Case Management team recently. 


Note: Each morning, put five coins in your pocket. During the day, every time you recognize an employee doing something well, transfer a coin to your other pocket. While a little unconventional, it will train you to recognize exceptional employees and help you set an expectation of discovery beyond one or two individuals. This is an interesting exercise in the art of appreciation.  

Dianne February 4th, 2014 05:18:25 PM

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