The Place of Energy Therapies in The Workplace of The Future

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I think I may have officially came out of the "light worker closet" at work. My company launched a huge worldwide internal forum of ideas and I posted my vision of the workplace of the future.  Now this idea is so ahead of its time, it totally sounds like an utopia. I don't know how many people in this forum will read this, but my manager and half my department now know I am a Reiki Master.  At least I had the courage to share my idea. And who knows, it might become a reality one day.

Here is a copy of my post down below:

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The Place of Energy Therapies in The Workplace of The Future


We are all bombarded with stress all day long, at work and at home...Who doesn't face the challenge of maintaining a fulfilling work/life balance these days? Constant stress, with time, can take a serious toll on our body and how we feel.

I have this vision of the work place of the future where energies therapies would be offered to employees. I see an oasis area where we could go for quick energy breaks and get our 'batteries' recharged. 

Stressed out? Having a tough day? Feeling down? Preparing for a tough client meeting?  In need of inspiration to write your next presentation or new product development? Energy therapies, like Reiki, help re-balancing our energies, reduce stress, it can reduce pain, help relaxing, improve clarity of thoughts, help reach a state of well-being... They say happy, healthy employees are more productive...

I can see this oasis just like if I was there. I firmly believe it will happen one day. Will our company be innovative enough to be the first company to implement an idea like this? I sure dream it so!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

My deepest regards to all.

Geneviève Bailey

Reiki Master and Proud Employee



So, if you have great ideas and beautiful visions of the future, I encourage you to write them down and share them with other people.  It’s the best way to anchor them in the physical reality.  And who knows, our utopian ideas may become a reality in just a few decades, instead of a few centuries. I surely dream it so!



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