How Reiki changed my life

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Learning how to do Reiki has literally changed my life… almost over night.

Through Reiki, I got my inner power back, my voice back, my life purpose back. It has empowered me in the most amazing way: I can now heal myself! We all have this inner ability to heal ourselves! Who knew?!

I treat myself with Reiki every night and I have the most peaceful sleep. I can now control my stress level. Depression is no longer an issue for me. I take care of my physical aches and pains and blow my emotional heartaches, worries, stress away before they become real problems.

Did you know that pain and illness first appear through our thoughts and emotions before manifesting in our physical body?

A couple of years ago, during the Christmas holidays, I had a serious ear infection that impaired the hearing in my left ear. I was under excruciating pain. Death would have been sweeter in comparison to this pain. The ear specialist was appalled that I had not been referred to him sooner, but due to the holidays, it was impossible to get an appointment. The damage was done. There was nothing he could do except to tell me to live with this hearing loss and to get used to this constant, maddening, irritating ringing in my ear. So I did Reiki on it often. A year later, that same specialist confirmed that my hearing level in that ear was back to normal!

I have had myopia since I was a kid and I have a very strong contacts and glasses prescription. During my annual eye check up this week, I told my optometrist that I would do Reiki on my eyes and I asked him to measure the difference at our next appointment, next year. Needless to say, he had a very skeptical reaction, but I say: "Game On"! I will see in a year! No pun intended! ;-)

Doing Reiki on myself also sent me on a spiritual path. The morn, stressful every day life has transformed into a magical playground, as big as the Universe. Life is fun again! Doing Reiki is my passion. Doing Reiki sessions on others makes me so happy! I feel so blissfully aligned with my soul's purpose, I can't help thanking each of my clients at the end of our sessions. It is so rewarding to be able to help others get back to a state of well being. All that is required during a Reiki session, whether it's done in person or long distance, is to be open to receive the energy, to be willing to let go of the pain and the old "stuff" and believe you can heal.

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Genevieve Bailey October 2nd, 2012 12:55:15 PM

1 How Reiki changed my life
Wendy 9/27/2012 12:34:53 PM

I totally agree, the power of Reiki is incredible. I myself haven't learnt how to do Reiki but have been the recipient of Reiki and have seen Reiki administered. And in both cases the results were profound and immediate.

2 How Reiki changed my life
Patricia Grace 10/1/2012 4:08:17 PM

Thank you so much for this candid post Genevieve! I look forward to many more. Your gentle spirit is so pleasant to be around and you truly have the gift of healing. Are you ever going to teach Reiki?

3 How Reiki changed my life
Jennifer 10/1/2012 4:45:45 PM

Well my dear, you are truly blessed to have found your calling! I KNOW how great you are and what an amazing Reiki master you are as well. You certainly have helped me. Blessings!

4 How Reiki changed my life
Genevieve 10/2/2012 2:32:43 PM

Thank you everyone for your comments!! Yes, Patricia, I am planning to teach Reiki very soon. :-)

5 How Reiki changed my life
Claire Zerafa 10/3/2012 9:33:23 PM

This is very interesting. My community centre offers a short little course on this and I was interested in it. Let me know how your vision changes!

6 How Reiki changed my life
Allan Sutton 10/4/2012 9:32:35 PM

I had some unexpected Reiki in the piano shop the other day. The girl is just starting her training and my hand was beginning its healing. I thought about you. My hand is healing great, and here you are in the blogosphere. Welcome !

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