Wake up call to get back into physical balance

Image:Wake up call to get back into physical balance

Our human physical body is such an amazing wonder!  Its engineering is a real work of art and I am astonished how I have been taking it for granted!  Being able to breathe with ease, walk with grace, see, hear and touch the beauty around me. Taste! Oh! The taste of good food! Oh! But what about the candies and junk food I’ve been eating lately? Have I been too busy to exercise or just too lazy? Hum…

Yesterday I said to my husband: “did you know they say Noah lived for 950 years? The human body truly has built-in capacities to live a lot longer than we are now?"

-“How long do you think you are going to live?" He asked.  

 -“I don’t know. As long as I will be needed on Earth, I guess"…

-“Well, if you don’t do anything about your fitness soon, you’ll head towards a heart attack and you may not live as long as you think.”

-“Yeah, yeah, you’re right…” I replied unsure if I really cared.

This morning, I got this inner guidance while meditating: “Why this longing to go back “Home”?  A big part of you already resides in the spiritual world. You’ve never really left.  So, enjoy this opportunity you have to focus on this physical experience. Taste it and enjoy it every minute of each day. Pay also more attention in the care of your body as it is the temple of a Goddess.”

Wow! Wake up call shock! The message was loud and clear. I cannot and will not dismiss this any further. I promise to exercise and to listen to my body as it knows perfectly well what its needs. I will ask it every day what its needs and if what I am about to eat is good for me or not.  I know this is the beginning of a rewarding friendship!

So, I decided to re-connect, in a meditative state, with all my organs to tell them my love and gratitude for everything they do for me. I got really surprised by their feedback!  All my body parts were so happy to be acknowledged! It was like: “Yeah!! She finally is paying attention to us!!”

I found out my eyes like to stretch and exercise like the rest of the body.

My lungs want me to breathe more consciously and breathe in light like a source of food.

My heart said to stop being so hard on myself.

My stomach loves to be massaged to help its digestive process and appreciates when I avoid the foods it has trouble assimilating.

But most of all, my body confirmed that it wants to move more, stretch and exercise. Breathing more deeply will help me feel less sluggish and tired all the time. It urged me to drink more water. To eat more slowly, in gratitude and appreciation of every bite for all the work, energy, and efforts done by all involved in growing and preparing that food so that I can be nourished… Simple and good habits that I have been neglecting for years!

Have you stopped and took  time to talk to your body lately?  You may be surprised by what it has to say! It just wants to be balanced, to be loved and to love you back. Don’t wait for your wake up call!


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Genevieve Bailey November 6th, 2012 09:55:33 PM

1 Wake up call to get back into physical balance
Muriel Vernier 11/7/2012 1:59:02 PM

Superbe!!!!!!Très belle photo et texte époustouflant!!!!

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