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Over the past couple of years there has been a significant development in technologies that allow for new way of communication and sharing. One such technology is Twitter. Originally intended for sharing status messages as a way to collaborate between small group of individuals, this technology has over the past few years taken over various channels and has been highly spoken about at conferences such as TED.

In the past year Twitter has taken off to be a specialized medium for organizations and individuals to share information and enlist opinions from the community on specific topics. These topics range from Cooking to Computers; Living a healthy life style to financial freedom. So much so that many organizations have started to embrace Twitter as a medium to offer Marketing, Advertising and Support/Service capabilities to their existing customers as well as capture new customers. As long as you can convey your message in 140 characters or less, the content of your message should be to the point and offer value to the person reading it. This is yet another extension to managing a brand.

If you or your organization is curious about Twitter and how you can use it to get your message out there to your community, read this article by Nate Ritter which provides you a very brief overview of the benefits and pitfalls of Twitter. Along with Twitter, Ritter also provides a starting roadmap of other social tools and technologies which can be used.

Like Twitter many of these emerging technologies were developed with a specific intention. However, as more and more users and organizations start using these technologies the extent to which they can be used, enhanced and improved becomes vast. Any organization has the power and capability to use these technologies to do something out of the ordinary. The only limitation is the imagination and willingness to push the envelope.

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