Read about our technical sponsors AppLinx Corporation and coreFusion Inc. and how they are providing valuable technical expertise and services to the ICCC.

The AppLinx team has been providing web development services for the ICCC. With a highly skilled professional staff, AppLinx has provided creative and technical direction which has helped the ICCC achieve its web presence goals. AppLinx continues to provide solutions in the most immediate and responsive manner while leveraging a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

ICCC looks forward the continued support from the AppLinx team to achieve the current and future online and technical goals of a growing organization.

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With a high concentration of technical expertise and established proven infrastructure for Secure Managed Hosting, coreFusion Inc. has supported ICCC with Secure Managed Website Hosting on the Domino platform. coreFusion's 24/7 server monitoring, management, administration and maintenance provides ICCC the opportunity to confidently focus on its core business, trusting the IT back-end of their website to be fully managed on their behalf. As a boutique service provider, coreFusion specializes in customizing various solutions on multiple platforms working with customers in collaboration, and with innovation, to develop solutions that will enhance the customer's business and set the basis for future growth. coreFusion appreciates the ability to provide services to ICCC and looks forward to a stronger, growing relationship.

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